WordPress Vadim Volkov

How to transform Yoast’s FAQ into a toggleable accordion

Yoast SEO's FAQ feature is a great addition to WordPress. But visually just not the prettiest solution. Our tutorial will help you to style the Yoast FAQ.

WordPress Vadim Volkov

How to use the Yoast SEO FAQ block outside the Gutenberg editor

Yoast SEO's FAQ boxes are a powerful feature in search results. But what do you do if you use a page builder instead of the Gutenberg Editor?

SEO Dominik Stein

What exactly is a keyword?

It is important to know what a keyword actually is. Only then do we know what content to expect in order to fulfill the search intention of our visitors!

SEO Dominik Stein

Step 7: Content audit and text quality

Search engines live from representing the most relevant search results. This is only possible if the information on a website i (a) relevant and (b) correspond to the current facts. Outdated content is poison for your success!

SEO Dominik Stein

Step 6: Check your rankings and organic traffic

Search results and positioning are changing every day. Even keywords that you have prioritised as important are sometimes not responsible for your traffic at all. A regular check of your traffic can therefore reveal potential for optimization.

Linkbuilding,SEO Dominik Stein

Step 5: Analyze your backlinks (backlink audit)

In a backlink audit, a website is examined to see whether referring links have a negative effect on a website. If such toxic links are detected, they are devalued via the Search Console.

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