One of the most popular SEO strategies of many content agencies in recent years is therefore to conduct an extensive content audit at least once a year. In a content audit, similar to an SEO audit, each content of a website is checked for three pieces of information:

  • Is the content up-to-date or should the content be removed or updated?
  • Evaluation by Google Analytics: How long do visitors stay on this site or how high is the bounce rate? Do visitors actually read the content of the page?
  • Is the content unique or do duplicates exist? (Duplicate Content)

A simple content audit is very easy to perform: You enter all the URLs of your domain into a spreadsheet/ Excel table. Next to the URL, you enter recommendations for action to be taken by the next team member.

Example for a Content-Audit in Excel
The following screenshot shows how we perform a Content-Audit in FirmCatalyst

Pay attention not only to the visible content of your website. Also, check the ALT tags of the images and the meta descriptions of your domain. Besides gaining relevancy in search results, accessibility is an important topic that can provide help for many humans out there.

Get reminders through SemRush

Tip: Semrush offers a tool under “Projects > Content Analyzer > Content Audit” that checks the content of a web page for its release date.

Content-Audit Funktion in  Semrush

This allows you to quickly identify content on a website that was published more than 24 months ago and needs to be revised.

Once you have successfully completed all steps in this SEO audit, you should have a comprehensive insight into the current content, strengths, and weaknesses of your website.