Sustainable Online Solutions made in Berlin

Just as SEO is composed of pieces like a puzzle, so too do our experts form the unique FirmCatalyst team with their individual skills.

Sustainable Online Solutions made in Berlin

Beyond that, we work with startups and build online platforms; focused to deliver custom solutions that bring brand awareness and new customers.

More Customers. More Business.

A team of interactive designers, developers, and seo specialists.

Blog & Case Studies

WordPress Vadim Volkov

How to transform Yoast’s FAQ into a toggleable accordion

Yoast SEO's FAQ feature is a great addition to WordPress. But visually just not the prettiest solution. Our tutorial will help you to style the Yoast FAQ.

WordPress Vadim Volkov

How to use the Yoast SEO FAQ block outside the Gutenberg editor

Yoast SEO's FAQ boxes are a powerful feature in search results. But what do you do if you use a page builder instead of the Gutenberg Editor?

What exactly is a keyword?

It is important to know what a keyword actually is. Only then do we know what content to expect in order to fulfill the search intention of our visitors!

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