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Step 4: Let Semrush perform an SEO audit

Many SEO tools offer the possibility to check the technical condition of a website for errors through a site audit. The following is a tutorial on how this SEO audit is performed with Semrush.

SEO Dominik Stein

What is a SEO-Audit?

With an SEO audit, search engine optimization agencies evaluate the crawlability, the current state, the "health" and the technical status of your website.

SEO Dominik Stein

Step 3: WordPress Speedtest

One of the most important ranking factors in the google search results is currently the loading speed of a website. Therefore, it is mandatory in every modern SEO-audit to subject your Wordpress site to a speed test.

SEO Dominik Stein

Step 2: Check the indexing status of your website

The second step of our SEO audit is to check if your website can be read and indexed by search engines.

SEO Dominik Stein

Step 1: Check that WordPress is only accessible via https://

In step #1 of our series: "Performing an SEO Audit", we want to show you how to check that a WordPress page is only accessible via https://.

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How SEO consulting increased the traffic of by 150%!

In this case study we would like to show how a catalogue of SEO measures helped the company Zeugnisprofi to increase organic traffic by 150%!

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