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Step 7: Content audit and text quality

Search engines live from representing the most relevant search results. This is only possible if the information on a website i (a) relevant and (b) correspond to the current facts. Outdated content is poison for your success!

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Step 6: Check your rankings and organic traffic

Search results and positioning are changing every day. Even keywords that you have prioritised as important are sometimes not responsible for your traffic at all. A regular check of your traffic can therefore reveal potential for optimization.

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Step 5: Analyze your backlinks (backlink audit)

In a backlink audit, a website is examined to see whether referring links have a negative effect on a website. If such toxic links are detected, they are devalued via the Search Console.

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Step 4: Let Semrush perform an SEO audit

Many SEO tools offer the possibility to check the technical condition of a website for errors through a site audit. The following is a tutorial on how this SEO audit is performed with Semrush.

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What is a SEO-Audit?

With an SEO audit, search engine optimization agencies evaluate the crawlability, the current state, the “health” and the technical status of your website.

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Step 3: WordPress Speedtest

One of the most important ranking factors in the google search results is currently the loading speed of a website. Therefore, it is mandatory in every modern SEO-audit to subject your Wordpress site to a speed test.