Plugin: The Lightest Lightbox

A simple and super lightweight Lightbox for WordPress with gallery navigation support.

As an SEO company, we tend to use and provide software, which fits the recommendations of search engines. The Core Web Vitals by Google for example. Also we care about best practices in web development. So we’ve created the FCP Lightest Lightbox Plugin!

FCP Lightest Lightbox is a WordPress plugin, which barely impact your loading times and provides reasonable user experience at the same time. It adds only two lines of code to your html, which doesn’t block rendering and loads only 0.5 kB of filesize. The remaining functions load conditionally, and doesn’t weight much either.


Click on the image to see the picture inside of a Lightbox.
Swipe up or down to close.

If you open an image, which is a part of a gallery gutenberg-block with linked images or a sequence of links, a left-right navigation appears to switch to a previous and next images. Swipe left and right also works.

Check out FCP Lightest Lightbox on the official WordPress plugins repository.


  • Zero render-blocking tags are added on the page
  • Only 0.5 kB is loaded if no linked images found
  • Gallery support
  • Caching, minifying & combining friendly
  • jQuery independent (in case it’s async)
  • Responsive
  • Keyboard navigation (Left & Right for gallery navigation, Esc for closing)
  • Swipe navigation (Left & Right for gallery navigation, Up and Down for closing)

Future versions will include a zoom functions, styling options and the admin screen to select only demanded features. Print caption & accessibility.

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